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Our Interior Decorating Service helps you bring your dreams to life. Always attentive to your needs, our passionate and dedicated team's mission is to create an original décor that reflects your personality and tastes.

Home Decorating

It doesn’t matter if you are painting a wall or undertaking a larger projects, let our designers create a unique décor to match your style, furniture and home.




With our wide selection of patterns, colors and textures, let us help you bring your bedroom to life.

Window Coverings

The exterior of the window plays a major role in the decoration of your room. Several aspects can guide you in your choices, in addition to the aesthetic side there will be; controlling the temperature, and noise. With countless options let us enhance your decor with a window dressing that perfectly reflect your needs and tastes.

Decorative Accessories

To complete your decor come see our selection of:

  • Vases

  • Mirroirs

  • Moulures

  • Coussins

  • Tapis

  • Pôles

  • Lampes

  • Poignées




  • Crown

  • Provincial

  • Concord

  • Blue mountain

  • Metro

  • Murale unique


  • Alendel

  • Maxwell fabric

  • Joanne fabric

  • Patlin

  • Signature textile

  • Saletex

  • Unique


  • Hunter Douglas


  • SBM

  • VP Store

  • SOL-R


  • Ceratec

  • Cera bord

  • BMB

  • Impex Stone

  • Moulures et chemin

  • Evok

  • Replico


  • Ren-Will

  • Zhen import

  • C.J. Marketing

  • Attitude import

  • M&L Furniture

  • Floridus

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